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Flying Collie
Flying Collie
Flying Collie presents a collection of Scottish Fairy Stories compiled by Sir George Douglas and originally published in 1910. These are children's' stories you've probably never heard before. Although they are largely collected from Scotland, they have many echos in other cultures. After all, wherever ships explored there was undoubtedly a Scotsman on board. Although some of the stories are a "bit dark", we've been careful to make sure there is nothing which would promote nightmares… that having been said, if you never have a nightmare, you never have a dream. So… are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.
The Brownie and the Thievish Maids
by Glen Collie

Brownies can be both tricky and highly moral individuals, as this tale relates.

The Brownie and the Thievish Maids
The Scottish Brownie
Redemption from Fairy Land
Mind the Crooked Finger
Water Fairies by Sir Walter Scott
The Story of Thom and Willie
The Smith and the Fairies
Alexander Jones
Rashin Coatie

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